“non verbum e verbo, sed sensum exprimere de sensu”
— Saint Jerome, patron saint of translators

“Render the sense and not the words” – this is one of the most hallowed principles of translation and interpreting. As Oxford graduates, we are able to draw on our excellent analytical and linguistic skills and our cultural sensitivity to provide top-quality language services to our customers. We pick up on nuances that elude even the most sophisticated of translation tools. As a result, our product is just as effective as the original. We help you convey your message to your audience with precision and style, making sure you always hit the right note with them. In some contexts, however, such as patents, degree certificates or court proceedings, a word-for-word approach may be appropriate or even essential. We consult with you on the best method to apply. You can rest assured of our commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, quality assurance and confidentiality.

Stefan Hollstein

Stefan is a qualified conference interpreter (German A, English B, French C), freelance editor and translator for German, English and French. The public authority responsible for certifying qualified translators in Berlin has appointed him to its board of examiners. In addition, he works as a conference interpreter and translator for Berlin's state government. His freelance work includes interpreting during court proceedings, liaison interpreting at high-level political meetings and simultaneous interpreting at annual general meetings and for international organisations such as the ILO. Stefan read English Language and Literature at Magdalen College, one of the most historic institutions of the University of Oxford that is renowned for its achievements in the humanities. After graduating from Oxford with a first-class honours degree, he continued his studies of English, French and German as a Foreign Language in Berlin. He went on to train as a conference interpreter at the renowned Faculty of Translation and Interpreting (FTI) (formerly ETI) in Geneva. His professional domicile is Berlin.

Aymone Rassaerts

Aymone has worked as a translator and editor for the foundation KfW Stiftung, the contemporary art museum Schloss Morsbroich, the international cultural centre Künstlerhaus Bethanien and the publishing house Verlag Kettler. The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO is also one of her clients. As a writer, she was honoured by the city of Hamburg with a literary award in 2007 and won an essay prize by the University of Oxford. Born and raised in Hong Kong, she is native in both English and German. She attended Gordonstoun school in Scotland and completed language exams at the Sorbonne in Paris and at the University of Nice before pursuing her studies in the humanities at the University of Oxford. She graduated with an MA degree from Christ Church, which has produced 13 British prime ministers. Currently, she is based in Berlin and Sydney as a writer, editor and translator.